About Me

Hi. Chances are if you are on this page, you already know me and have asked for help with some IT-related task. The question is, why would you ask me and not someone else?

I’ve been doing IT for about 20 years now. In the time that I have been working on computers, I have seen a lot of change. However, one thing is pretty common – people get talked down to when they are engaging with the average computer professional.

It’s not that we do it on purpose – IT can be very difficult! Computers and software are in a constant state of massive flux, and the knowledge that you had even a couple of years ago could be completely obsolete within a few short months. That’s why most IT pros use a lot of jargon and acronyms – it’s shorthand to help us deal with the gargantuan mountain of options that are available to solve virtually any possible need that a person has.

My strength is relatability. I can explain most IT services in a way that will make sense even to the most stubborn of Luddites. That’s because I truly love computers, and I get a total charge out of seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they finally understand that technology can really make their lives better.

From small, boutique websites to ERP systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’ve worked on projects that solve problems for businesses, governments, and people. Chances are, I can probably help you too!